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The staff at MPS (My Platinum Sound) Studios has been serving the music community of Northeast Florida and Southern Georgia for almost two decades.  The Chief Engineer, Paul Lapinski, is hailed as the premier audio engineer in the area by local and national artists, and other studios in the area.   Our mission is simple, to provide the platinum sound for a fraction of the price.

We do this by ensuring an atmosphere that caters to the creative process and exhibiting the highest level of professionalism in the business.

Since we are located in the same building as A1A Audio, we often get asked, “What’s the difference between MPS Studios (www.myplatinumsound.com) and A1A Audio?”

First a bit of history….

After designing, gearing and serving as the Chief Engineer of the largest studio in the Jacksonville area for five years, Paul Lapinski moved to Los Angeles to pursue major label interest.   As the recession hit, the lack of work in LA forced Paul to move back to Jacksonville and form MPS Studios (on the web as www.myplatinumsound.com).

After two years, Paul needed a larger, commercial facility and approached A1A Audio about leasing half of their studio. Combining forces harmonized the state of the art facility A1A offered and Paul’s legendary skills.  What’s more, a few months later, Paul was approached by Daryl Phenneger about joining the team.  With years of experience learning from Paul, and three years as a Chief Engineer, Daryl’s addition to the team underscored the most ELITE audio team in the greater Jacksonville area.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Are A1A Audio and MPS Studios (www.myplatinumsound.com) the same thing?

A: No. They are two separate studios under the same roof, kinda like a mall where there are similar great stores in the same building.

Q: How are MPS Studios (www.myplatinumsound.com) and A1A different?

A: The main difference is the people and the facility.  MPS Studios (www.myplatinumsound.com) is engineered by Paul while A1A is engineered by Daryl.  Both Paul and Daryl are exceptional at recording, mixing and mastering.  But when asked for their preference, Paul prefers mixing and mastering, while Daryl prefers recording.   Also, the A1A side is home to the large drum room, while the MPS Studios (www.myplatinumsound.com) side is geared more for mixing, mastering, and vocal/guitar recordings.

Q: What major label artists has Paul worked with?

A: Ludacris, Alicia Keys, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus,  J Dash featuring Flo Rida, Yellowcard, Fishbone, MTV, Universal Records, Sony Records, and many more!

Q: What genre of music is Paul best at?

A:  Rap, hip hop, rock, metal, alternative, electronic, gospel, reggae, opera, country, screamo, folk, blues, and many more.

Q:  I want to work with Paul, who do I call about rates and bookings?

A:  Call John Brandon at 904.612.1492

Q: I want to work with Daryl, who do I call about rates and bookings?

A: Call Daryl at (904) 866-8570 or Jimmy (A1A’s manager 904.422.2529)

Q:  Do you guys do flyers, posters, photo shoots?

A:  No, we made a decision when we began this journey that it’s hard to be all things to people.  So, we focus exclusively on being the best at making your music sound industry standard.   However, we do recommend http://www.numberoneflyers.com/ for all your printing and photo needs.