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Are you in need of a producer? recommends these three production companies, all are highly talented and tenured professionals:





Founded in 2010 by Christopher Royden Myers and Ryan Viti, Mighty Music Group began with a goal to provide an innovative approach to the songwriting and production process. Mighty Music Group is based in St. Johns, Florida and specializes in artist development and tailored songwriting, with a strength in pop arrangements.

The early concept for Mighty Music Group began quite simply as a solution to Myers and Viti’s increasing need for personal studio and recording time. Their unique sound inspired other local artists, quickly making the duo’s studio successes a sought-after commodity. Through the encouragement of industry friends, they established Mighty Music Group and offered their talents to the community. Since its inception, Mighty Music Group’s client base has grown to include a multitude of artists throughout the southeast, both signed and independent, with more than thirty catalogued, full-scale productions.

Full-Scale Productions: From vocal coaching and production to arrangement, Mighty Music Group produces radio-ready tracks. Meticulously managed, we strive for excellence from conception through mastering.

Songwriting: Mighty Music Group specializes in creating individually-tailored original songs in virtually all genres, with an emphasis in the pop sector. Whether developing label work, or working hand-in-hand with artists, the songwriters at Mighty Music Group deliver a quality, on-point product every time.
Artist Development: Mighty Music Group provides artist guidance at each phase of development. With in-house media services and a close-knit network of partners, we can help design a complete artist package. Music, photography, videography, logo and website development, and press materials and training are all part of the assistance we offer.
Training: If you are a newcomer, or a veteran looking to hone your craft, one of our vocal coaches can help guide your tone and prepare you for recording. Loosen up your fingers with a guitar lesson, or learn how to edit like the pros with one of our audio engineering classes. Evolving artists can also get media training for on-air interviews.

Genres: Mighty Music Group writes and produces for an array of genres, including pop, country, rock, hip-hop, R&B and alternative. Focusing on the target audience, we tailor each original production to the artistʼs unique sound.








Mighty Music Group

Ph: 904-657-1597

2. Daryl Phenneger



Daryl Phenneger – Chief Engineer/Producer of and A1A Audio Productions.

With over a DECADE of audio expertise, Daryl Phenneger(RIAA Gold&Platinum Award Recipient) is in a brand new facility at a great new location to bring you YOUR NEW SOUND!! With his unique audio approach, Daryl has produced and developed local artists to secure them major label record deals! (The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Amely, It’s Alive, etc)  Now, Daryl is on a mission to bring you YOUR NEW SOUND!!!


Inspection 12 “Get Rad” 2004
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus “Artist Development” 2004-2005
Evergreen Terrace “Sincerity is an easy disguise in this business” 2005
The Picture Show “Shatters into discontent” 2006
Indorphine “Glowsticks for clubbing baby seals” 2006
Evergreen Terrace “Wolfbiker” 2007
Casey Jones “The Messenger” 2008
Chasing Thrill “Promises” 2009
Abbey Road Tribute to the Beatles 2009
Amely “Hello World” 2010

Call Daryl at (904)866-8570 or visit him at or A1A Audio Productions

3. Billy Cutlass

(Beats are always being uploaded, so check back often!)

Phone: 904.382.1850
Twitter: @billycutlass

Born in Nashville, TN and now hailing from Jacksonville, Fl. Billy Cutlass was always around musical influence. Making beats was a desire,but with the old equipment he was working with would’nt cut it if he wanted to make an impression. It wasn’t until one of Billy’s closest friends (DJ TravEEtrav) introduced him to a roland 505 and the rest was history… Billy has an increasing client list. He has worked with artists in music and film such as: East Coast Ryders DVDs, Dolla, Dirt Diggla, Balize, Ball Greezy, Gun Play(Triple C’s), Yung Ghost, P.I.T, Young Mac, Gene, CEO(Point Blank ENT.), Dirty Dawg, Shawn Jay(Field Mob), Slyme Tyme, Mannie G, John T(Hustle House), Swordz, Big Marcus, C Ride (J Records), Mike Bless (Slip n Slide), Ms. Lex, and many more… “My repertoire speaks for it’s self, quality is 100…”.

Billy Cutlass also directs and edits music videos for MPF (Motion Picture Films) and Master Mind Ent. Go to to view the portfolio.